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An important aspect of the project 'Libraries for All' is that it encompasses four local projects – one in each of the countries in which our partner organisations are based. Our partner organisations aim to help other public libraries achieve the goal of becoming a 'multicultural library'.

Local Projects

Libraries for All - Germany / Bibliotheken für alle - Deutschland

The Public Library of Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
The Frankfurt Public Library Service (Stadtbücherei Frankfurt am Main), consists of a Central Library for adults, a Central Library for children and teens, 4 District Libraries, 13 Branch Libraries, a Mobile Library Service with 2 buses and almost 80 professionally managed School Libraries. ...more»

Libraries for All - Czech Republic / Knihovny pro všechny - Česká republika

Multicultural Center Prague (Czech Republic)
The Multicultural Center Prague is a non-profit organization interested in issues related to the coexistence of different cultures in the Czech Republic and abroad. ...more»

Libraries for All - Sweden / Libraries for All - Sverige

Immigrant Institute (Sweden)
The Institute’s aims are to provide information and knowledge about migration to the immigrant population of Sweden and to Swedish society in general. It also serves to help immigrants understand Swedish society and participate more fully in social and political life. ...more»

Libraries for All - Austria / Bibliotheken für Alle - Österreich

okay.zusammen leben/Advice Center for Migration and Integration (Austria)
The centre is supported by local and regional authorities. “okay. zusammen leben” sees itself as the engine and facilitator of a “learning region” which deals with the socio-political challenges of immigration and integration. ...more»
With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.
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