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Within the project 'Libraries for All' we researched public libraries around the world and found some exemplary multicultural practices. This database aspires to be an inspiration to librarians, providing ideas on how to create a library that is welcoming and accessible for foreign library users. This database will be updated continuously.

Best Practices

Czech for Foreigners

[Liberec Research Library, Czech Republic]
"Ukrainians are the largest national minority in the Liberec Region. Consequently, our library wants to concentrate on Ukrainians as the neediest group. It was clear based on our previous contacts that there was interest in cooperation on both sides (the library had already organized an event entitled “Orthodox Christmas” for Ukrainians). We found out that the Greek Catholic parish in Liberec was looking for a place to organize Czech language courses for foreigners, in particular Ukrainians and Russians, who frequent the parish and face serious language problems. Moreover, we found out that schools in Liberec offer only a handful of Czech courses at prohibitive cost." ...more»

Blending Cultures or Do We Know Each Other? A Series for and About Minorities.

[Liberec Research Library, Czech Republic]
The series aims at introducing to participants the life, history, culture, customs, religious rituals, traditions, music and cuisine of various minorities and language groups. ...more»

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