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Staffing Policy and Cooperation

[Greve Bibliotek , Denmark]

Greve Library has developed a specific policy towards ethnic minority groups, as can be seen below.

Staffing Policy

The composition of library staff is a direct reflection of the population within the local community. The aim is to hire bilingual employees in permanent positions, on the condition that their qualifications meet all requirements. Job-training, work-trial candidates will be bilingual wherever possible.


The development of the staff’s competence in being able to afford all user groups a professional level of service is joint, not individual, responsibility. Knowledge and attitude cultivation can be achieved by: staff meetings with relevant introductory speakers, coaching/supervision of one another or by external sources, living library staff the means to achieve competencies in solving whatever problem might arise from the meeting of different cultures, educational courses/seminars in cooperation with other colleagues, within the local community, nationally or internationally

Material selection

Through its selection of materials, the library also supports ethnic minorities in their efforts to learn the Danish language. At the same time, we are able to offer relevant material in foreign languages. The mixture of Danish and foreign-language materials has resulted in a more attractive and accessible placement and promotion. A broader perspective is also achieved through the placement of children’s literature in the adult department. The library purchase Danish language easy readers, language courses, simple dictionaries, books on Danish culture and electronic media as well as up-to-date foreign language material, including magazines, newspapers and music. Music is an important angle of approach for children and teenagers.


The library is working on establishing regular cooperation with native-language teachers, district health officers, maternal groups and interpreters; as well as to language schools, integration advisers and other active cross-cultural organizations. Contact is made to occupant groups and advisers. The library nominates the responsible contact persons.


Library orientation, including training in library culture, is arranged for both state schools and language schools. Cultural days, debate evenings, IT introduction, in foreign languages, with a presentation of FINFO (Information for Ethnic Minorities in Denmark –, homework and study groups have been mentioned on several occasions. The library has promoted the idea to all relevant cooperative partners.

Source: Cultural Diversity. How Public Libraries Can Serve the Diversity in the Community (Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2004)

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