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Services for Non-English-Speaking Patrons

[The New York Public Library, USA]
COS works closely with borough community outreach specialists and coordinates activities at eight Centers for Reading and Writing (which provide English as a Second Language and literacy services), the Aguilar Library’s Language Learning Center, and age-level selection committees for foreign language materials. The Donnell World Languages Collection includes permanent print materials in more than 80 languages. Their collection goal is to develop a parallel Dewey decimal collection in other languages, with the exception of scientific and technical materials and manuals. Donnell also coordinates the circuit collections, which provides materials to branches for three-month intervals. NYPL uses an annual statistical matrix for each branch to determine material allocations for permanent collections. This matrix includes census data; community needs information and ESL registration statistics. Planning and advocacy groups to gather information on the community for outreach purposes.

Source: Cultural Diversity. How Public Libraries Can Serve the Diversity in the Community (Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2004)

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