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Library’s Multilingual Center (MLC)

[Central Library & Central Library Learning Centre Brooklyn USA, USA]

The MLC is unique in its focus on all language learning. Seventy languages can be studied on the Centre’s computers and the collection includes 400s, 800s and the English as a Second Language collection. The MLC’s collections in 35 languages support existing routing collections, which are in turn supplements for permanent collections in the branches. The MLC has also set up links from the BPL Web site to Web sites of world language interest in six languages-Chinese, French, Creole, German, Russian and Spanish.

Community surveys, branch profile surveys, and community events have helped MLC staff establish regular communication with the community. MLC and branch staff is expected to know their respective communities and perform consistent outreach as part of their jobs. Branch staff attends local community board meetings and »walks« its communities on a regular basis, visiting senior canters and markets, among other places. Through the Willendorf Division, the MLC provides cultural, informational and educational programs for immigrants.

Source: Cultural Diversity. How Public Libraries Can Serve the Diversity in the Community (Bertelsmann Stiftung, 2004)

Central Library & Central Library Learning Centre
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