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DBV - Deutscher Bibliotheksverband / German Library Association

[DBV, Germany]

Libraries are the most used cultural and educational institutions in Germany. They are forward-looking places of free access to information and knowledge.

There are
    10 855 libraries in Germany
    303 600 events are held annually in libraries
    660 000 visits include the libraries every day
    200 million people visit libraries every year
    362 million media are available in the libraries
    466 million annual media available for loan

The DBV maintains close contacts with the parliaments and the ministries at the federal and state level, the municipal associations and local authorities and exerts influence on legislative and parliamentary decision-making.

The DBV has set up "An expert group for intercultural library work" (Expertengruppe Interkulturelle Bibliotheksarbeit im dbv) -

The DBV also provides online sevice through "The library portal" that brings together information about libraries, their social role and current achievements, their offers of cooperation and its future plans for the general public, the library support and the policy.

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